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We Generally Liked the ’90s Ep.1: Groundhog Day (1993)


We start off our appreciation of the ’90s with a tribute to the late, great Harold Ramis. Join Shoumik, Andrew, Beth, Jenna, and Skeptic as they discuss fiery groundhog explosions, Groundhog Day, and the phrase “moistened my unitard with supple chunks of ointment.”

Download it here.


  1. Mike

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Groundhog Day. You point out that this popular crowd pleaser has depths that often aren’t explored.

    For a different type of performance from Andie MacDowell (not milquetoast) check out Sex, Lies and Videotape by Steven Soderbergh. If you haven’t seen it, it is notable for its importance in film history. It was a low budget independent film that was picked up and widely distributed. Up until then, Indie films lived and died in the art house theaters. It helped raise the profile of independent films in general, opening the doors for many filmmakers in the 1990s – so it should fit your 1990s theme. And it is definitely not the type of film you would watch with your mother.

    • Shoumik Shoumik

      Love Soderbergh. Still haven’t seen “sex, lies” though. Should get on that. *adds film to gigantic to-watch list*

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