The Regular Round-up

The Regular Round-up: April 2nd, 2014















We’re busy, okay? Here’s the links:

Things we would like to say (eventually), but put into more concise and entertaining form by PBS Idea Channel.

On a similar note, with respect to a game we also mean to say something about (eventually).

I’m not super into game mechanics. More on that (eventually). Errant Signal is though. And I like how he analyzes them. Check him out.

Trailer-ception. Throwing this up there for the (eventual) 2nd Game Trailercast.

Don’t ever land upon your feet, but read along with Todd Van Der Werff’s reviews of Band of Brothers.

I stopped watching How I Met Your Mother a long time ago, but I like reading about how shows end. Especially when they’re as controversial as this one.

Even if you don’t care about politics, Extra Credits tells you why you really, really, really SHOULD. At least about Net Neutrality.

And in the Real News, more important politics things. Because all Americans are equal. But some Americans are more equal than others.


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