The Regular Round-up

Irregular Round-Up, August 7 2014

Been a whle, eh chaps? Here are some things some of the Irregulars find interesting (a lot of it is from Jenna, who has 5,000 tabs open).

Ruth Bader Ginsberg continues proving her zeal with words and it’s pretty cool she’s in the media spotlight lately (via The Mary Sue).

This article on 35 practical steps men can do to be feminists has caused a stirring among the Irregulars. Some approve of the list. Some find it reductive. What do you think? Oh boy, if you could only see our Facebook thread… (via XOJane).

Neuroscience? Religion? Not our usual topics, but it’s an interesting read anyway (via Salon).

LGBT movies at the box office? Indie things? One of our favorite topics: representation? There are thoughts to be had (via Indiewire).

Speaking of representation, Jenn Frank won an award for Games Journalism, and that’s pretty cool (via, uh, Games Journalism Prize).

And playing video games leads to well-developed children — though maybe some of our Irregulars could shed some light on the study itself, since they studied psych. IS IT BEING MISREPRESENTED OR IS IT ACCURATE? WOOOOOO~ (via the BBC).

Did you know that we love Gravity Falls? We love Gravity Falls. Have this link that tells you why we’re right (via Vox).

Lastly, butts (via Rachel sending Jenna weird things she finds on the internets).


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Jenna is a twenty-something female-appearing person who likes to argue semantics, make puns, play video games, and constantly change her surroundings.

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