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Regularly Scheduled Programming, Episode 10: Boss Battles

Boss Battles


Are boss battles elegant tools used to highlight the crescendos in a game’s narrative, or are they too antiquated and video gamey for today’s day and age? Join the whole RSP gang as we discuss what makes a boss encounter good or bad!

Also, we forgot to call the Skeptic “the Skeptic”…but we, uh, fixed it…kind of.

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  1. Andy

    This was a really great analysis of boss battles, and the podcast was very well organized and well discussed. I want to point out (just due to the Spyro nut I am) that Gnasty Gnorc does, in fact, exist, and the Sheep you are referring to are actually “Toasty” who all resemble a grim reaper with a pumpkin head. Toasty is actually the first boss in Spyro the Dragon, so he wasn’t meant to be that epic anyway.
    That being said, the Gnasty Gnorc “battle” was still very limited. You don’t actually fight him. It mostly involves you chasing thieves through tunnels, and then eventually chasing him around in circles and through traps. It really was all build-up, so those parallels you talk about are definitely still there. Thanks guys!

    • Thanks for catching that, Andy! And thanks for the kind words!

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