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Regularly Scheduled Programming, Episode 11: No Copyright Intended


Join ~*Beth*~, JeNnA, 4ndr3\/\/, and xxwillxx as they talk about what it means to be fanwork, their favorites and least favorites, the early 2000s, and the infamous My Immortal.

Sorry about the long intro and extro. They were completely necessary.
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Interesting links:
Archive of our Own (AO3)
My Immortal
The Animated My Immortal
The Shoebox Project (this is a good one!)
Turtle Duck Date Night
That fanfiction Jenna’s a character in
Is George Washington a historical person or just a character?

Other notes:
Opening song credits: “My Immortal” by Evanescence
Closing song credits: “Numb” by Linkin Park
Featured image: “Angels in Flight” by Chaos–Child on DeviantArt

And, of course, this would not be complete without the dedication…

If you’re interested in reading the acclaimed RSP Harry Potter fanfiction, Fifty Shades of Drill, featuring Cho Chang x Vernon Dursley, please do feel free to click here.

No copyright intended we do not own any of these things pls do not sue thxxxxx!!!D!1

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